Owned and
operated by a
proud veteran.
You have the vision - We have the talent! Do a little or a total transformation!
Customize Your
Cargo Trailer!

- Windows

- Roof vents
- Insulation
- Heating (furnace)
- Air conditioning
- Door locks
- Awnings
- 110 VAC installation
- 12 Volt lighting
- Ceilings
- Flooring
- Diamond plate trim & flooring
- Custom Cabinets
- Countertops
- Table & seating
- Propane systems
- Hot water tanks
- Sinks
- Toilets
- Showers
- Shelving
- Closets
- Sleeping: trundle, bunk, etc.
- 12 Volt battery systems
- Speaker & stereo systems
- TV & antenna systems
We can transform your cargo trailer into a CUSTOM camper or toy hauler.

Or add a living space to your horse trailer.

Why not use your Cargo Trailer and customize the inside and out to your wants & needs? Much less costly than buying a new hauler!

We also do repairs on RVs or a full remodel of the interior or exterior.

Have a small or large welding or fabrication project you would like us to quote for you? or do for you?
We have a full range of trailer/RV fabrication skills!

See the Photo Examples page for more!

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